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All submissions to any services listed is subject to the submission guidelines of that individual website.  This is a free automated multiple submission program created in an effort to cut the chains that bind us webmasters from our computer systems.  It's just not possible to log into every significant search engine and directory, anymore.  There are just too many and they all play an important role in internet life.


  • Make sure that your website is online, ready to show and crawler friendly.
  • Make sure that your website is complete and does not have any broken links.
  • Make sure that your
  • Some engines may require your email conformation for submission. Enter an alternate email and check your inbox and spam folder after submission.
  • Some engines (such as require a Title Tag and idealisticly formed Meta tags for the Description and Keywords (see examples).
  • Submission may take a few minutes, please be patient.

Many other search engines and directories will not favor automated remote submissions. Yet, there are literally thousands of free search engines and directories, and you cannot visit them all. This is simply because most search engines and directories are nothing but advertising engines. Few actually care about the quality of their data. They simply want you to show up so that they can display their ads to you.

Therefore, remote submissions are then treated with less respect.

Please note that when submitting your website to search engines, you should make sure that your website is ready to be visited by the search engine data crawlers, often called bots, or web spiders. We offer some helpful information about making sure your website is ready to be listed at the following link...

Basic Meta Tag Info & Site Submission Guidelines

We are working on providing another automated remote submission service through our SubmitForce Submission Script, though there are currently fewer engines and directories to submit to, as we deleted the fake acceptions and the spammers.  We are working on building up the library with resources amicable to the service. 

SubmitForce Submission Script

If you are interested in offering us the ability to submit to your search engine or web directory, please contact us with the details.

We also offer lots of support on designing, maintaining and promoting your website at our online community at Google Groups, the WD&D (Web Design and Development) group... and we use an online presence at the (Web Design and Development group) address to get the word out where we hope to one day develop develop a teaching website if a few of our members can just get some free time to get together and tackle the project. But time, as you know, is a precious commodity.



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